The Natural History of Selborne both volumes 1790

The Natural History of Selborne both volumes 1790 By Gilbert White
Natural history of a town in England, first published in 1790. According to Wikipedia: “Gilbert White FRS (18 July 1720 26 June 1793) was a pioneering English naturalist and ornithologist… White is best known for his The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne (1789). This was a compilation of his letters to Thomas Pennant, the leading British zoologist of the day, and the Hon. Daines Barrington, an English barrister and another Fellow of the Royal Society. These letters contained White’s discoveries about local birds, animals and plants. He believed in distinguishing birds by observation rather than by collecting specimens, and was thus one of the first people to separate the similar-looking Common Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler and Wood Warbler by means of their song. White is regarded by many as England’s first ecologist and one of the founders of modern respect for nature.”
Intriguing story. A The Natural History of Selborne both volumes 1790 I found hard to put down. The ending was disappointing as I was expecting some climax or epiphany that never happened.
I couldn’t put this The Natural History of Selborne both volumes 1790 down! Very suspenseful, I never expected the things that happened when I turned the page

Tracing Your Ancestors from 1066 to 1837

Tracing Your Ancestors from 1066 to 1837 By Jonathan Oates
The trail that an ancestor leaves through the Victorian period and the twentieth century is relatively easy to follow the records are plentiful, accessible and commonly used. But how do you go back further, into the centuries before the central registration of births, marriages and deaths was introduced in 1837, before the first detailed census records of 1841? How can you trace a family line back through the early modern period and perhaps into the Middle Ages? Jonathan Oatess clearly written new handbook gives you all the background knowledge you need in order to go into this engrossing area of family history research. He starts by describing the administrative, religious and social structures in the medieval and early modern period and shows how these relate to the family historian. Then in a sequence of accessible chapters he describes the variety of sources the researcher can turn to. Church and parish records, the records of the professions and the courts, manorial and property records, tax records, early censuses, lists of loyalty, militia lists, charity records all these can be consulted. He even includes a short guide to the best methods of reading medieval and early modern script.Jonathan Oatess handbook is an essential introduction for anyone who is keen to take their family history research back into the more distant past.
This is one of Jonathan Oates stronger books. It is heavy and intense with no lightness of spirit at all. I highly recommend it.
I really loved Tracing Your Ancestors from 1066 to 1837. I would reccomend it to all of my friends. The entire time I was hooked on the characters and wanted to know what was coming next.

The Spanish Virgin

The Spanish Virgin By V.S. Pritchett
A favourite collection of short stories from the revered V. S. Pritchett
Just sit back and enjoy. Nothing to figure out, nothing to scare me, just laugh and enjoy. I like that quality in The Spanish Virgin sometimes as well and this one There really weren’t any surprises in this book, but it was an enjoyable read.
Overall, I enjoyed this novel. It was, quick read, with and just the right amount of romance.

The Age of Television Experiences and Theories

At an evolutionary stage in televisual history, Buonannos The Age of Television considers the impact of television on daily life over the past 50 years, concentrating on the concepts and theories of the medium. As television threatens to intrude upon our daily lives more than ever, through cellular phones, and thousands of digital channels, The Age of Television takes a careful look at the influence of this media form on modern life. Television plays an important part in its viewers lives, making links between cultures, individuals and events, and offering the viewer a multitude of choices and opportunities. The book analyzes the way in which television has radically altered the human perception of place and time, considering the way that television fuels the collective imagination and how it contributes to contemporary media-focused society. Buonanno asserts that television theories are crucial tools for understanding the medium and its effect on society.The Age of Television reads as an original comprehensive academic essay making it an essential volume for a scholarly readership and audiences with an interest in media. Drawing on classic media theories, it also offers a fresh look at televisions dominance of Western culture and provides an optimistic perspective on the possibilities of the small screen.
Thanks are due to Milly Buonanno, for pulling me away from my comfort zone for reading, and into another world of books that I eagerly look forward to exploring.
The Age of Television Experiences and Theories By Milly Buonanno
I first read about this book in an article saying it was named a Prize winner for 2012 A wonderful book, a new classic, you won’t regret reading The Age of Television Experiences and Theories.


The other kids call Wilhelmina “Cry-Baby Witch.” They’re right about one thing even if they don’t know it: she’s a witch, but she doesn’t have control of her magic yet. If she did, she’d protect all the animals in Mrs. Anderson’s room, but Willi can’t even protect herself. Trapped in school because of a blizzard, creepy Craig Maddson has figured out Willi’s secret. He plans to reveal it, and Willi has no idea how to stop him. “A masterful writer is at work.” —Orson Scott Card International bestselling writer Kristine Kathryn Rusch has won two Hugo awards, a World Fantasy Award, and three Asimov’s Readers Choice Awards. Her critically acclaimed, international bestselling Fey series is being reissued by WMG Publishing throughout 2012. She has written a number of novels and stories set in Seavy County, with more to come. WMG Publishing is also reprinting her entire short story backlist as individual e-books and in short collections.
I loved Chameleon. Very moving story. Highly recommend this book to everyone. Written very well to read.
Chameleon By Kristine Kathryn Rusch
If you feel that you are not communicating well with your significant other I highly recommend Chameleon. It is an easy read and is very addictive.

Journey to the Golden Hour—My Path to the Most Dangerous Job

Journey to the Golden Hour—My Path to the Most Dangerous Job By Randolph Mains
Journey to the Golden Hour follows the path of Randy Mains, an ex-Vietnam combat helicopter pilot harboring a burning passion to fly after the war. In this personal account, using his personal diaries that he’s kept over the years, Mains recounts his incredible journey to find work abroad which he does first on a 1369-square-mile cattle station in the Australian outback. There he and his boss purchase a crashed airplane in the Simpson Desert where they rebuild her and fly her out like a Flight of the Phoenix Down Under. He then takes a job flying helicopters over the sweltering triple-canopy jungle in Papua New Guinea, then he takes a job as a senior instructor pilot for Bell Helicopter International in Iran prior to the Islamic Revolution where he ends up fleeing the country on the last commercial charter only to find himself back home twenty-four hours later asked to become a pioneer, along with six other dedicated ex-Vietnam helicopter pilots, who are trying to prove to a doubting American public and skeptical medical community that the helicopter can save lives in peacetime just as it did in the battle fields of Korea and Vietnam. The book then details his six years as a helicopter EMS pilot in the early days where he finds himself in an industry turning so dangerous he nearly loses his life on five separate occasions. So buckle up, get cozy and get ready for one rollicking good read.
is a very thoughtfully written Journey to the Golden Hour—My Path to the Most Dangerous Job and it is very interesting to read the relationships, and the accomplishments.
I have been very critical of many Journey to the Golden Hour—My Path to the Most Dangerous Job I have read this summer. I cannot say the same about this book. It captured my interest from the start and has continued to captivate me. I am not quite done with the book, but will be soon. I do not think the ending will be a disappointment because the entire book is so good.

Learning to Dominate 3 Punishment Gay BDSM Spanking Erotica

Alan is exploring the inner desires that he's kept hidden for so long, and finding out how to be a true dominant. With his submissive, Nicolas, he's experienced a little of that world – but now he's decided it's time to take the next step. Will Alan be able to give Nicolas the punishment they both want?This 3600-word M/m story contains dominance, submission, anal sex, sex toys, plenty of dirty talk, and a hard spanking with a wooden paddle!
Although I would not rate Learning to Dominate 3 Punishment Gay BDSM Spanking Erotica as one of my favorite’s it was very well written…interesting.
Learning to Dominate 3 Punishment Gay BDSM Spanking Erotica By Sabine Winters
I loved Learning to Dominate 3 Punishment Gay BDSM Spanking Erotica. Its one of those books, I got to the last page and just wanted to start reading it again. So good!